This was our very first festival of any type. We had a wonderful time and will definitely be booking next year. I cant thank all the volunteers enough for all their hard work especially in the heat. We are very very grateful.
Thanks everyone Kerryann Branco

A big thank you to everyone who organised this festival, and to anyone who helped out in any way!

It was our first home ed fest and we loved it. 

Nicola Williams,

A huge thank you to everyone who was involved in organising and running such a wonderful event. We had a great time. Thank you x

Shellie Crossland Poulter,

All in all, a GREAT festival. Yes to get bigger, but keep it human size and friendly, which I'm sure you will.


"What was the best thing about AEFES?" The stunningly gorgeous site, the accessible price and the feeling of homegrown fun in a safe and fairly held environment.