AEFES Accessibility

Ground & Paths

The site is accessed via a bumping narrow lane off Junction Road.  Once into the field there are no constructed paths. The field is grassy with the main village green and vehicle access path cut , otherwise the grass is fairly long across the field.   The main village green is cut grass and suitable for scooters or wheel chairs.

There are no steps into the marquees as they are built directly on the grass.  There is a small one foot step onto the main stage should anyone wish to perform in the open mic or cabaret.  Please let us know in advance so we can arrange stage access.


A portable disabled loo is located near the village green and on the other side adjacent to the vehicle path.  The loos are not equipped with running water or hoists they do not need a key to gain access to them.  The loos are all gender neutral.  In addition, there are two toilet blocks at the Park farm campsite  ladies and gents and there is one small step to a disabled toilet attached to the gents block. The Park farm campsite are in the process of adding a  disabled toilet to the ladies block.


Electrical hook ups can be provided for disabled visitors who may require electricity for charging batteries for scooters or powering medical devices/equipment.  However, the power is turned off at around 11pm and not switched on until around 10am in the morning. Please note that if you require access to the generator, you will need to camp near the generators and this is a more noisy part of the field as it is next to the main village green.


There are no  showers on the AEFES field . Park farm campsite does have two free shower blocks operating 24/7 for ladies and gents which can be used by AEFES visitors. Access to the showers is either via the access road or through the field. The route through the field would be easily accessible for wheel chairs as there are some deep tracks caused by the farmer’s tractor. The showers at Park farm campsite have no steps to access the blocks.


There are no specific quiet areas in the field but the field is very large (50 Acres) therefore a quiet uncrowded space can be found.

The volume during performances is fairly low as we are required not to disturb nearby neighbours.  All sound equipment  is switched off at 11pm

Strobe lighting

There will be no strobe lighting used on site.


We do not have signs/documents in Braille. Please contact us if you want an audio version of any documents, policies or the programme  e.g. constitution.

Emergency Contacts

The contact details for the Health & Safety officer and First Aiders will be displayed across the  AEFES campsite.

Assistance Dogs

Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a lead at all times during the week.

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