Don't forget to pack your water guns for the midweek water fight games.💦💦💦💦 #summertimefun
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Dear AEFES community! I‘m writing on behalf of our school „Löwenzahn‘ in Germany (yes – these are not RÖCK DÖTS) to say that we‘ll bring a circus tent in which we‘ll offer various coffee delights like cappuccinos, espressos or americanos. Also we‘ll serve crêpes – the french pancake thingies… But enough with the special letters…
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Bodiam Castle walk route

2018 Walk to Bodiam Castle On ‘AEFES Monday’ morning at 11am I will be leading a walk to Bodiam Castle. Meet at The Shire. The route we will be taking is the most direct at 2.6km long. It took me half an hour to walk it when I first walked it last year but it…
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