2018 tickets on sale!

We are delighted to announce that tickets for AEFES 2018 are on sale! You can purchase them at our store here.

Tickets are £55 for an adult, £50 for students and £40 for children. Infants (3 years and under) go free, but still need a ticket booked.

If you are a higher earner there is also an option to donate £10 extra. This money goes into a fund which is used to help people who are struggling financially and cannot afford to come to the festival. If you are struggling financially and need help, please contact us.

We have decided not to sell early bird tickets this year as very few people bought them last year. However, if you are able to buy your tickets now it is a huge help to us financially.

We have also added a requirement to our ticket buying process for people to fill in a volunteers sign-up form. While we understand that not everyone can volunteer, we do ask that everyone who can does, as AEFES operates on the basis that everyone contributes.

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