Bodiam Castle walk route

2018 Walk to Bodiam Castle
On ‘AEFES Monday’ morning at 11am I will be leading a walk to Bodiam Castle. Meet at The Shire.
The route we will be taking is the most direct at 2.6km long. It took me half an hour to walk it when I first walked it last year but it took a lot longer on the actual walk due to getting everyone including a couple of pushchairs over the stiles.
This year I have produced a PDF map of the walk which I have attached here and you can either print yourselves a copy to bring or save it on your smart phone/tablet. If you are unable to make the group walk then you can always use it to go to the castle in your own time… or use it to get to the pub! 😉
There are a number of hazards on the map that I would like to highlight. The main ones being the roads. Last year it was a group effort to get everyone safely over the very fast main road with people looking out in each direction. There is possible Giant Hogweed on part of the track and contact with this should be avoided as it’s sap can cause burns to the skin. The path along the river (shown as the route to the castle on the AEFES map) has a number of dangers as I have shown on the map. I don’t consider this route to be safe for younger children and they should be closely supervised. If you go this route it’s easy to make your way back through the Park Farm campsite and back up to AEFES.
Public footpaths go through the grounds of the castle so everyone will be able to view the Castle. If you want to go over the moat and into the Castle itself and you are a National Trust member don’t forget to bring your membership cards! If you are not a member the costs are as follows…
Adult – £9.80
Child – £4.90
Family – £24.50
Gift Aid
Adult – £10.80
Child – £5.40
Family – £27.00
If you want to go in the castle I suggest you need to allow a minimum of an hour for a visit. Please then feel free to make your own way back to the AEFES site.
See you then!


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