Dear AEFES community!
I‘m writing on behalf of our school „Löwenzahn‘ in Germany (yes – these are not RÖCK DÖTS) to say that we‘ll bring a circus tent in which we‘ll offer various coffee delights like cappuccinos, espressos or americanos. Also we‘ll serve crêpes – the french pancake thingies… But enough with the special letters and symbols.
We have been asked to organise the coordination and cooperation of the already planned tea tent and ours and we‘re looking forward to making this a great thing for everybody. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns about that.
In our circus tent we are planning to offer a couple of activities to help people get in touch with each other like the „Café international“ (Oh my, another french letter…) where people can try to communicate with a native speaker of the languages available. It‘s a bit like speed dating without the romance (or is it?).
Anyways – keep an eye on the announcements in and on the tent!
We‘ll be happy to welcome you there or around our campfire in the evenings to join us for a game of „Werewolves“ or a jam session!
Can‘t wait till it starts, best wishes

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