The wonderful Richard discusses……life the universe and everything at AEFES 🌻
So grab yourself a cuppa and let your brain  be expanded at the famous science breakfasts 

” The Origin of Your Bits
Where did your bits come from? All your atoms arrived in the same place at the same time a few years ago to make the marvel that is YOU. Was that a miracle, a coincidence or a plan? Let’s look at your journey over the past 14 billion years, since the Big Bang. I know you think it has only been interesting for the past 4 years, but I promise, your atoms had a pretty exciting ride before that.
Why We Need More Chaos. 
Out there in space, all is chaos and random, yet all the lumps of stuff – planets and stars – are perfectly spherical. How does order come from chaos? Down here on Earth, the same – our lives are chaotic, yet civilization is wonderful. What’s going on? let’s talk about chaos over a nice orderly breakfast.

Richard set up the Brighton Science festival in 2005 and is an inspiring science communicator who encourages all ages to become curious  in the field of science.He also has co-written several books including  Why the Toast Lands Butter-Side Down, My Manager and Other Animals and Practical Jokes and Pub Tricks.

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