ukulele workshop

Exciting music workshop announcement! 🌻😍Come and learn a song or two to perform on the stage at Freyja and Phil’s wonderful ukulele workshops! 🎶🎶Tuesday and Thursday 3-4pm, with performance on Thursday. No experience required but if you want to play chords please bring a ukulele – and if you have a uke at the back of your cupboard that you could bring for others to use please do! 🎵🎵
Freyja and Phil would also love to have some singers and percussion players so if you love to sing or have a shaker/drum then come along!🥁🔔
Phil and Freyja will be teaching Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and Riptide by Vance. Chord / lyric sheets:…/shake_it_off_ukulele_151…
Players of other melody/chord instruments are welcome but you must be able to either follow chords or improvise melody as Phil and Freyja will not be providing guitar chord instructions.

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