Code of Conduct


By placing an order, you will automatically become a member of the AEFES community. By ordering you are consenting to us sending information out about your membership. AEFES Reserve the right to refuse sale of tickets to any individual. We may also send more general information out about AEFES. If you do not wish to receive the newsletters, please unsubscribe to them or contact us. Please rest assured that we will never pass your information onto anyone else and keep it secure for AEFES purposes. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information


AEFES relies on ticket sales to fund the festival – we have no other source of funds – so we only offer refunds in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Committee. After the 31st of March, we no longer offer refunds in any circumstances as we would already have committed to everything financially by then. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred or resold.

AEFES is covered by insurance so in the unlikely event of the festival being cancelled, all tickets will be refunded.

AEFES reserves the right at its sole discretion and without further explanation to refund any order made prior to the start of the festival if it becomes aware of a reason why the presence of a particular person might be detrimental to the festival.


Only ticket holders will be admitted to AEFES.

Please wear your AEFES wristbands at all times and display your Vehicle Pass which will be issued on arrival. This allows us to check only people who have bought tickets and are part of the community on site. This helps ensure your safety and the safety of  your children.

AEFES is located in a rural field and so care should be taken as the ground may be slippery and there are ditches, slopes and tripping hazards (eg tree roots). Please take extra care during wet weather as the field and paths may be slippery to both pedestrians and vehicles.

The following items are not allowed on site for legal and safety reasons: illegal drugs, firearms, laser devices, fireworks, nitrous oxide canisters, airborne lanterns, drones or anything else that could reasonably be classed as dangerous.

Knives are the responsibility of parent/guardians. If your child is in possession of one please make sure they are not carried outside of your personal camping area. Knives at AEFES can be used for food preparation/meals but are not permitted to be used on site unless proper authorisation and clearance has been given prior to the festival. Under the UK Knife law if a knife is seen outside personal camping areas it will be considered a weapon and will be confiscated.

Entering people’s private camping space without their consent is not permitted. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to leave.

There is a 5 mph speed limit on site. Once you have set up please move your vehicles into the vehicles lanes (unless they will remain stationary throughout the festival). Please drive slowly at all times and only move cars when necessary e.g. for shopping trips.

Small camp fires and barbecues are fine but be extra vigilant near tents and do not leave fires unattended . The cutting or damaging of trees or other property is not allowed.

Alcohol is allowed on site but only for personal consumption.  Please refrain from drinking in the Village Green or marquees before 6pm.  No alcohol sales will be allowed. 

Please do not smoke in the Marquees.

11 pm is quiet time. All music and noise must be stopped before 11 pm (this is a condition of the Campsite).

Parents/guardians are responsible for the supervision and welfare of their children at all times. Parents/guardians should be aware there is a pond on the site and take precautions accordingly.

The certification of films screened will be displayed.  Parents are responsible for checking the suitability of films for their children.

No child under the age of 18 may attend the festival without either a parent/guardian or a named adult who has agreed to act in loco parentis. The named adult must be aged 21 or over unless otherwise arranged by the committee in advance.

Your personal belongings are your own responsibility and AEFES cannot accept liability for any loss, theft or damage to your property.

Please respect the site owners and do not enter private areas of the site outside the AEFES field.

Pets are welcome but your pet is your responsibility at all times. Please keep dogs on a lead (even if your dog is well behaved – not everyone is comfortable with a dog running up to them) and pick up any dog mess and dispose of it responsibly.

There are a number of ropes swings around the site and in adjacent fields. These do not belong to AEFES and might be unsafe so please take care and supervise your children.

Please ensure all rubbish is taken home or placed in the skip at the entrance to the field.

Everyone must leave the site by 12 Noon on the last day (unless helping with pack down), this is a condition of hiring the site.

Ticket holders consent to filming, sound recording and photography as participants in the event. Films and recordings of the event and its participants may appear publicly and be distributed and published within the public domain. If you or someone in your party cannot or does not want to be photographed please contact us.

AEFES has the right to alter or vary the programme, without notice, due to events or circumstances beyond its control, without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.

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